Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Prada handbags logo speaks its authenticity

Luxury ladies handbags..! Do you know that for last several years most of the searches made for this keyword windup with the word Prada? Yes, it is really true that Prada rules the world of luxury handbags for several years with large number customers round the world. This bag Italy at present has become the breath and breakfast of the women looking for the perfect luxury in their handbags. 

Amazing features

It is quite difficult to write about the amazing features of this handbag since the bag itself is an amazing product. From the deep skin inside the bag to outside zippers showers the perfection and quality. It is nothing but the overall complexion of the bag hitting the top that made it the buzzword among the lady birds round the world.

But with the gimmicks of tit for tat, there are several replicas for Prada in the market that can take you to the wrong product. Hence it is much important to check for the authenticity of the bag before you put your hands on the wallet.

Logo says all about it

From leather to locks used in Prada bags signal its genuineness. But it is better to have a look at the logo that speaks about the authenticity of the bags. Here is the best information about the logo of Prada.

Where to find logo

You can find the Prado logo both inside and outside the bag. Never forget to check for the logo inside the bag. If it is not there make sure that you seek the fake one.

Exterior Logo Plaque
Color of the exterior logo plaque enamel should match exactly with the color of the bag or so close to it. This is one of the unique features of the logo. The letter ‘R’ in the word ‘Prado’ will have a curved leg and it is not the straight one. If the leg is straight, then you know what is on your hand. Exterior logo plague is firmly attached with stitches around it. Rivets in logo plague of new handbags are completely filled in and in older models it looks like donut holes.   

Interior Logo Plague
In older bags, interior logo plague, the phrase Prado Milano made in Italy is given three times. But in new handbags from Prada, you can see just Prado Italy on two lines in the logo plague. Just like in exterior logo plague, the color of interior plague perfectly matches with the interior fabrics.
Now you can shop your favorite original  Prada handbags to make your investment really worth.